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Product Categories

Spandex for diapers series is produced by implementing significant change in raw materials, polymerization formulas and spinning processes based on original coarse denier products, which improves softness on the condition that elasticity property of spandex is ensured, and provides spandex with certain anti-microbial property through the addition of special accessories.

1. This series of product can be directly used to product hygienic material products with good wearing property and comfort;
2. Spandex can be adhered well with non-woven fabrics, without slippage;
3. The solvent residual rate and oil content of this series of product are low;
4. This series of product have passed Oeko—Tex Standard100 international environmental protection level I certification, environmental-friendly, nontoxic, healthful and hygienic.
5. Roll weight range of this series of product is between 1kg and 6 kg, which can be adjusted according to clients’ demands.
Mainly used for baby diapers, adult diapers and bandages.