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Colorful Spandex

Key technique of Exclusive color paste and painting process for spandex were developed by utilizing environmental-friendly and nontoxic paints and dispersants. Meanwhile, by improving the equipment and technical process,  realized the industrial production of colorful spandex. Colorful spandex can help to simplify  dyeing procedures , reduce production cost, does good to energy conservation and  emission reduction, health and environmental-protection.


Technical Superiority

1.      This series of product have pastel luster, pure color and the colors can be customized;

2.      The phenomenon of white exposed by spandex in dark fabrics can be eliminated thoroughly;

3.      The color fastness reaches a high class and the color can keep long time, and will never fade;

4.      The rate of solvent residue is low and the paints used are environmental-friendly, nontoxic and healthful.



Widely applied to knitting, weaving and covering( especially suit for socks and underwear with dark color).