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Dye-able Spandex

Aoshen® Dye-able Spandex was developed by utilizing new formula and technology to increase the dye stuff reaction group and its permeability in spandex yarn, so as to ensure perfect dyeing performance and color-fastness to solve the problems such as color differences and white exposal in fabric of general spandex yarn.


Technical Superiority

1Aoshen® Dye-able Spandex also has property of Heat-resistance

2Meet requirements of strict dyeing conditions and double-dyeing

3Fabrics maintain bright color after washing

4With nice uniformity and can be used in Warp-knitting Circular-knitting , Laces and Covering.





Accompanying yarnNylonPolyesterT/R

Dye stuffAcid/Disperse Dye stuff


Dyeing temperatureUp to 130℃(soaking time less than 45min