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LDZ New Aoshen Spandex Co., Ltd., formerly known as Lianyungang Zhongshan Spandex Co., Ltd., was founded on August 31st, 1987. The company introduces a full set of international advanced production equipment of spandex fiber, and is one of the first batch spandex production factories in China. For a long time, the company is focused on the research and development of differentiated products, with product specifications covering from 10D to 1120D, among which there are eight products winning the national new product. "Aoshen" spandex wins the title of "China Top Brand".

On December 26th, 1990, the first phase of construction laid the first foundation pile. The first feeding succeeded at the end of October 1992, producing good economic and social benefits, making the company among the top one hundred of the national textile industry. The quality of Aoshen brand 20D – 1120D spandex produced reaches an advanced level among similar foreign products through the test of authority organizations like chemical fiber testing center of textile industry.

On March 27th, 2001, Lianyungang Zhongshan Spandex Co., Ltd. and American DuPont Company established a Sino-American joint venture. With strong abilities of innovation and development, powerful technical supporting system and service network all over the world, DuPont group always pushes and guides the development of the elastic fiber market. In May 2003, DuPont China Group Co., Ltd. transferred all the shares held to the INVISTA in the United States. At the end of 2012, INVISTA, the large shareholder, transfers all its stock to the other two shareholders at the ratio. The corporate stock-right structure as follows: Lianyungang Aoshen Group holds 75%, while BPL Corporation holds 25%. In 2015, Lianyungang Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd., with former Jinqiao Salinization Group as operator, consists of Aoshen Group, Jinhai Investment Company, Runcai Investment Company and other state-owned industrial sectors, changing majority shareholder to Lianyungang Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd.