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1987 Establishment of Lianyungang Zhongshan Spandex Co., Ltd.;

1990 The first phase of construction had laid the first root pile foundation;

1992 PhaseⅠput into operation;

1995 PhaseⅡput into operation;

1997 Phase Ⅲ put into operation;

1999 Phase Ⅳ put into operation;

2001 The company introduced DuPont technology to produce high-end spandex cooperating with American DuPont Company; DuPont China Group Co., Ltd. acquired 50% stock rights of Lianyungang Zhongshan Spandex Co., Ltd.;

2003 DuPont China Group Co., Ltd. transferred all its holding stocks to the INVISTA in the United States; Phase Ⅴ put into operation;

2005 ‘Aoshen’ brand spandex obtained the first ‘China Top Brand’ title of the spandex industry;

2009 Phase Ⅵ put into operation;

2014 The company production officially obtained Oeko-Tex Standard100 authentication certificate issued by Swiss TESTEX;

2015 Phase Ⅶ started up, which is expected to put into operation early next year.